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Thank you for your willingness to give an hour of your time to provide critical mental health services to U.S. troops and their family members. 

We understand that individuals who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan--and their families--may need help dealing with the effects of wartime service. We want to help you heal.

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Reaching Those Who Suffer: What We Must Learn From Robin William's Suicide

by Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D.

Our nation is mourning the loss of Robin Williams and trying to make sense of how someone so gifted, so smart, and so well loved could be in such emotional pain that he chose to end his life rather than continue to fight against the thoughts and feelings that tormented him. Many are asking how someone who made us laugh so easily, so effortlessly and so consistently could be unable to find relief from the crushing sadness and despair that eventually overwhelmed him. And then there are those families who have also lost a loved one to suicide -- in 2011 alone, over 39,000 Americans committed suicide. For them, Robin Williams's death is a brutal reminder of the inability to rescue those we love who suffer from distorted self-perceptions, or devastating guilt or unbearable shame, which can lead to the irreversible decision that rips them from our lives.

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