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Poetry Changes Direction

In the spring of 2015, Give an Hour launched the Campaign to Change Direction — a collective impact effort that brings together corporations, nonprofit organizations, communities, influencers and government agencies — in an effort to change the culture of mental health.

Culture change takes time. In order to be effective, movements must create a constant drum beat that delivers a compelling message — one that engages, educates and inspires. And it certainly helps to have a variety of mechanisms, opportunities and distribution channels that delivers that message.

One of our most passionate champions is an award-winning advocate who is using her creative gifts to reach a new audience with the important messages embedded in the Campaign to Change Direction. In addition to being an accomplished poet, Yashi Brown is a respected leader within the mental health community. A member of the immensely talented Jackson family, Yashi talks openly about the experience of living with Bipolar Disorder. She is refreshingly honest, impressively kind and ever hopeful. Yashi believes that we can change our culture and she is using poetry to move us closer to our shared goal.

Take a moment to read the rest of the article on how Yashi is helping to #ChangeMentalHealth through poetry.

Read her inspiring poem here

Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change

Give an Hour – the backbone organization behind the Campaign to Change Direction – created The Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change to showcase successful efforts, forge new alliances and create a strategic vision to eradicate the fear, shame and guilt that prevents those who are suffering from receiving the compassionate care they deserve.  Join us!

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Give an Hour joins Mission United in Hampton Roads

Give an Hour partners with United Way to help 400,000 military community.

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Give an Hour honored with Newman's Own Award

Give an Hour received the highest honor of five military non-profit awardees.

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VFW partners with Give an Hour for mental wellness campaign

Joined by three high-profile national partners, Give an Hour, One Mind, and PatientsLikeMe, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is launching a new nationwide campaign to focus on mental wellness within the military and veterans’ communities.

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