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Give an Hour, Give Help, Give Hope

Note: Give an Hour receives numerous requests from reporters who wish to report on the psychological impact of the war on veterans and their loved ones. Often, these reporters ask to interview people who can provide a personal angle about what they have experienced, how their lives have been changed, or how Give an Hour has helped them. If you would like to share your story and are willing to be
interviewed, please send an e-mail to

Columns by Dr. Van Dahlen and other writers. Also available, Guest Columns archive

Recent articles on military mental health and media about or quoting GAH, including videos and radio announcements. 
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The Runner & The Therapist

Hear A Story, Tell A Story, Change The Story.

At today's National Day of Training conference, we are proud to introduce the documentary, The Runner & The Therapist, featuring Give an Hour’s founder and president, Barbara Van Dahlen.

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USA Today Thanking our Troops and Veterans Campaign

Give an Hour is thrilled to announce we are featured in the "Thanking Our Troops and Veterans" section in USA Today!

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Give an Hour to Launch on Helpouts by Google

Give an Hour will offer secure and confidential mental health care sessions for Helpouts, Google's new service for getting help over live video. 

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